Social Media, Mobile and Online Radio, Wi-Fi Up, Broadband Leveling Says Arbitron

The percentage of Americans age 12 and older who have a profile on one or more social networking Web sites has reached almost half (48%) of the population in 2010 – double the level from two years ago (24% in 2008). Consumer use of social networking sites is not just a youth phenomenon. While nearly…

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Google to Patent Status Updates that “Spread the Word”

Websites asking new users to “spread the word” by logging into their email accounts is not exactly new. Of late, it is not very uncommon to see the same thing happen with social networks. However, ‘The Mechanical Zoo’, the parent company of Aardvark – the social search engine that was recently acquired by Google has…

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Online video used like DVR and not a replacement for watching TV – Nielsen

Image via CrunchBase Each week, on average, Americans watched roughly 35 hours of TV and two hours of timeshifted TV via a DVR. Adults aged 65 and up watched the most weekly TV, 47 hours and 21 minutes; while teens aged 12-17 watched the least weekly TV, 23 hours and 24 minutes. The overall growth…

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MITEF Tackles The Semantic Web

While market leaders Google and Bing battle it out, new companies are taking search into uncharted territory. Tonight MIT Enterprise Forum of the NW featured presenting company Evri, a consumer web company that is changing the way users filter, discover, navigate, and engage with content on the Web. Evri’s web platform scours content from more…

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4 Ways the Entertainment Industry is Getting More Social | Mashable

Via Mashable David A. Yovanno is the CEO of Gigya, Inc., a leading social optimization platform for online business. He can be found on Twitter at @daveyovanno or e-mail dave(at)gigya(dot)com. Now that most social networks are supporting functionality on third party sites — via Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter, Yahoo! Open Strategy, MySpaceID, and other…

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Keep Your Cell Phone On During this Film…If You Dare

This is the technology from Last Call from 13th Street, an interactive horror film. Sometime, during the movie, an audience member’s cellular phone will ring, and it is up to this audience member to give the character on screen directions. Watch the video to see how the startled damsel in distress from Last Call tries to…

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Our Cell Phone Obsession

Via: Cell Phones

Mobile App Store Stats – Read Write Web

Written by Sarah Perez At the recent Mobile World Congress 2010, Dutch app store analytics firm Distimo presented their findings on the six largest mobile application stores in existence today: the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. In their presentation, they…

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Digital Marketing Budgets – More Science than Art

Image via CrunchBase The shift of marketing budgets from traditional channels to digital channels will continue to rise in 2010 with 46% of companies plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2010 and 66% will increase their investments in digital marketing channels. 28% of marketers are shifting at least some of their overall marketing budgets…

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Social Networking Activity Up in All Age Groups

Image by frankdasilva via Flickr Social networking has risen among all age groups in the past few years, particularly among teens and younger adults. 73% of online teens used social networking sites in 2009, compared to 47% of online adults. Breaking down online adults into older and younger demographics, 72% of adults 18-29 use social…

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Teens Send an average of 3,146 Text Messages Per Month – Nielsen Study

The Cost of Texting American teenagers send an average of 10 text messages per hour they are not in school or sleeping. By analyzing more than 40,000 monthly US mobile bills, in Nielsen new study determined American teens sent an average of 3,146 texts a month each during Q3 2009. Their counterparts 9-12 sent an…

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Great Article on Online Video Trends from TechCrunch

Context is King: How Videos Are Found And Consumed Online Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of posts by guest writer Ashkan Karbasfrooshan.Previously, he wrote about the State of Online Video, and 12 Surprising Things Holding Back Online Video Advertising.  In part 3 today, he examines how videos are found and consumed…

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